Posted on July 28, 2011 by MAXX12

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – June 28, 2011: MAXX12 made an unforgettable debut that people will be talking about for years to come. As the massive crowd poured into the venue at Gilroy’s 9 Lives Club on Friday, June 17, 2011, they were unaware that they would be transported into a world that allows individuals to denounce government without repercussions. They left feeling empowered.

“The Rooster” T Michael Riddle, “Mongoose” Jon Hampton and “Samurai” Craig Martin showed off their multi-talented skills of music and urban warfare. All three did vocals throughout the show led by The Rooster. Their words pierced the hearts of the evil in society. The Rooster strummed multiple guitars as Mongoose played several bass guitars. Samurai never let up on the drums. You could see why all three were touring rockers in the 80’s.

The stainless steel pyramid set the “stage” for a night of music that is unrivaled in the world today. At the top of the pyramid was an eye that eerily watched over the show, fog streamed out of its pupil. Samurai’s drums were directly under the eye so that he could protect the audience from its power. The Rooster and Mongoose moved around the stage flawlessly, keeping watch for additional evil. To the left of the stage was a hangman’s gallows that had a faceless body hanging at the end of a noose. On the lifeless body was a sign that displayed the songs of MAXX12 from their debut CD, Raw. One drunken, rowdy person stormed the stage. He pulled out a harmonica and started to play. Eventually the behemoth security that surrounds MAXX12, protecting them from governmental enemies, escorted the man off stage. In the end, there was no “Bad Blood” from the encounter.

There was one unassuming presence in the packed house of Gilroy’s 9 Lives Club. This presence was MAXX12’s Executive Producer, music legend Ronnie Montrose. He was pleased to see a packed house that saw an amazing performance by MAXX12 who gave their all. Jorge Briones, owner of 9 Lives Club, said “Having MAXX12 at 9 Lives was a great experience for us. The professionalism of their entire team was second to none. In every area the communication was detailed so everyone knew what to expect. The show was fantastic with the near capacity crowd loving what they saw and heard. Great music and a world class stage set just made the night that much more enjoyable. We would welcome MAXX12 back to 9 Lives and were honored to be selected as the venue for their debut performance.”

As the audience left, they knew they had experienced something new, something exciting. They had a new hope that has not been experienced in some time. The MAXX12 Nation had many new recruits who want to stand up for their rights. This is only the beginning as we lead you into the future.

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