Controversial MAXX12 Debuts at Gilroy’s 9 Lives on June 17, Introduces World to Apocalypse Rock

Posted on May 30, 2011 by MAXX12

MAXX12 – a new rock band with a provocative, post-apocalyptic message – will make an unforgettable debut at Gilroy’s 9 Lives Club on Friday, June 17, 2011. Comprised of three Bay Area ‘80s rock veterans, with music legend Ronnie Montrose as the band’s executive producer, MAXX12 will show the world that Rock and Roll isn’t kid stuff.

In fact, MAXX12’s entire musical catalogue is based on outrage with the government and serves as a call to action for those fed up with how the country is run. Through songs from its debut CD, Raw, the band will express its frustration with the state of the country, and encourage the audience to stand up for their rights and join the MAXX12 Nation.

MAXX12 ushers in a new music genre – Apocalypse Rock. Like its predecessors Psychedelic Rock, Rap and Grunge, Apocalypse Rock reflects the cultural and emotional state of today’s world.

The band is fronted by “The Rooster” T. Michael Riddle, lead singer and guitarist. Riddle is an ardent supporter of constitutional rights. “Mongoose” Jon Hampton is bassist and vocalist. “Samurai” Craig Martin is drummer and vocalist. All three were touring rockers in the ‘80s. In addition to having musical talent, The Rooster, Mongoose and Samurai all possess their own unique urban warfare skills.

The Rooster’s bloodline goes back to the great Choctaw Chief Chata, who led the Choctaw West to prosper. This unique genetic heritage makes the Rooster a shape shifter, and he is able to channel the animal spirits that have always surrounded him. Mongoose’s heritage dates back to ancient India, where his Brahman mother gave birth to a mongoose son. When his father left to collect money, instead of watching the children, Mongoose was mistakenly killed for protecting his siblings from a cobra. Mongoose now protects the innocent from the greedy.

Samurai’s DNA goes back to Yamamoto Tsunetomo, considered the greatest Samurai of all time. Tsunetomo’s warrior spirit has been released once more in Samurai, who now draws his sword in defense of the last hope for humanity…the MAXX12 Nation.

The three have been recruited by a privately funded organization – NexCorp – and have spent 10 years in training to battle the elite New World Order forces that are trying to dominate the world. For a sneak peak of what MAXX12 is about, view the “Bad Blood” video trailer here:

As a brand new band, MAXX12 is impressively ranked at #200 and rising on the ReverbNation charts nationally. On the local charts, MAXX12 stands at #2. Globally, MAXX12 is at #320 and rising. Considering the more than one million already established acts on ReverbNation’s charts, this says a lot about MAXX12’s growing popularity. The Rooster’s single (visit and click on “Learn to Fly” under “Songs”) has gone to #20 on the local charts. You can also listen to other MAXX12 songs by visiting! and see the “Songs” section to play a tune.

The name MAXX12 is up to the fans’ interpretation. However, the band will soon run a contest to award the fan who guesses closest to the intended meaning of MAXX12.

MAXX12’s executive producer is Ronnie Montrose. Considered a household name in the rock world, Montrose reigns as one of modern music’s most innovative guitarists. He is best known for his namesake band Montrose from the ‘70s. Ronnie launched the career of the then unknown Sammy Hagar – who would later become famous for his solo work and as vocalist for Van Halen – by tapping him as Montrose’s lead singer. Ronnie was also formerly guitarist of the Edgar Winter Group. In addition, he played on Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey and Gary Wright’s Dream Weaver, and for many other famous musicians.

Montrose said this about Riddle and Hampton: “T. Michael Riddle has carved out a very unique niche for himself when expressing who he is on guitar. And when I listen to the solid, confident, aggressive bass playing that is Jon, I would imagine that his personality would be the same of sorts…but Jon is a soft-spoken gentleman whom I doubt really knows how good he truly is.”

And about Martin, Montrose said, “If you think of MAXX12 as a ‘tripod,’ Craig is an absolute equal part of the musical triangle…he is a powerhouse drummer with a rock-solid groove, and he also supplies the seldom-achieved addition of superb vocals to the mix!”

Not only will the June 17 show herald MAXX12’s debut, it will also be a full evening of edgy entertainment. MAXX12’s epic and eclectic stage set will rival what’s seen at Kiss concerts – complete with a towering stainless steel pyramid and even a boar’s head. And opening for MAXX12 will be comedian Madeline Minx, who will present a musical act. Her genre-bending comedy has been praised in Film Threat, San Francisco Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Seattle’s The Stranger and many other publications.

After MAXX12 performs, the audience will be treated to an All-Star Tribute show by popular Bay Area metal bands from the ‘80s, featuring covers of hit songs by AC/DC, Judas Priest, Van Halen and more. The tribute will be hosted by Greg Hill, lead singer of ‘80s band Dammaj, and performers will include Dammaj, as well as former members of Moxy Lama, Mirage, Rellik, Krystal Jem, Mad Anthony, Lethal Creed and more.

Over the years, many famous bands have cut their teeth performing on the 9 Lives stage, including Papa Roach, Smash Mouth, Incubus, 311 and Sublime.

Doors for the show open at 8 pm; MAXX12 goes on at 9 pm. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. 9 Lives Club is located at 7430 Monterey Road in Gilroy, CA. Phone: 408.337.1799. For information on MAXX12, contact Jill Beaverson at 707.971.0687 or, or visit


Jill Beaverson, 707-971-0687

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