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Posted on November 8, 2011 by MAXX12

Submitted by Lucas Gordon on Fri, 04/11/2011 – 19: 30
This band comes to me by a friend, Paula, who makes me listen to a topic and definitely captivated me, generating the curious to hear more.
Then, after saying that I would like the album, the group sends me a professional package that includes, in addition to the cd, other multimedia with a video CD and much material, several photos of high quality, and information about Maxx 12, everything in a folder of luxury.
Maxx 12 is a power trio of Northern California, if I am not mistaken in San Francisco.
On this album debut entitled “Raw”, the trio proposes a classic rock hard.
At boot time it gives me the impression that their influences extend a bit of heavy metal type came up with “Mongoose” Although the chorus seems taken from Van Halen.
The first thing would be for the vowel extension in certain notes, which was ‘The voice of metal’ label.
“Wild Years” tends to sound a little more AOR with a rate of half-time and coralmente reminds me not know if a Foreigner or Boston.
“Moonshine Runner / Electrified Blue” would come to be two items in a single track. The first is acoustic and the second rotates 180 degrees becoming as well electric name, but in both cases of great intensity.
One of the tracks that I like is “Bad Blood (Illuminati)” by rhythmic changes and arrangements.
I think it is more than clear that this combo has a good product in their hands, which produced no less than Ronnie Montrose (Montrose, Edgar Winter).
If you want to know more about them click the link below and this also take them to myspace page.

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